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Unified Communications for Your Business

Enhance Your Customer Service & Producitvity with Unified Communications Solutions from 1st Communications

Unified Communications and Collaboration connects your customers, employees, partners and suppliers more efficiently and seamlessly where ever they are at any one time and whatever device they are using.

Users can access and respond to any communication message, (voicemail, text and email) and react to real-time communication (phone calls, instant messaging, video conferencing etc) from one interface.

The Benefits of a Unified Communications Solution

Improves your Communications:

You get fast and effortless communications over a variety of platforms, including voice, email, calendaring, instant messaging and presense.

Boosts your Productivity:

Unified messaging saves your employees time through more efficient message management, with mobile workers gaining the most. A more controlled and manageable communications interface enables users to work and collaborate more effectively, with instant messaging helping to reduce your mobile phone bills, e-mail traffic and voicemails.

Enables Flexible Working:

Unified Communications means your employees can work anywhere just as they would if they were in the office. All calls, emails etc are automatically routed to your flexible worker, wherever they may be.

You Reduce Costs:

Travel and meeting costs are significantly reduced through the use of effecient conference calls, freeing up time for more productive purposes. By taking advantage of conference calls, you also get to reduce your carbon footprint.

Improves your Business Agility:

The use of converged voice and data allows for rapid responses to changing business needs and seamless communication of information to all stakeholders. You can also benefit by being able to employ the best people for particular tasks, even if they are geographically dispersed, as team members can function more effectively as a group and benefit from shared resources, such as information and core business tools.

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Provides a Seamless User Experience:

You can provide a consistent service using converged voice, data and video infrastructure services that integrate with business applications, reducing communication bottlenecks.

Improves your Customer Satisfaction:

The use of more effective communications management with unified communications allows you to spend more time with your customers, ensuring their needs are constantly being met. In addition, more efficient contact centre environments result in more sales, faster fault resolution and greater long term customer satisfaction.

Helps Grow your Business:

Grow your business through better collaboration with suppliers and partners to expand your business.

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